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So welcoming when we found this place, over time appointments felt rushed. Not very organized and most assistants were rude. Receptionist was great though and very nice.

So far the process has been a smooth one, even during a pandemic so I’m satisfied.

I think all of the people are really nice there. There is nice music playing, snacks and drinks. But I wish they would of gave me a heads up because I was not ready to get braces on the spot. I wanted to eat some of my favorite foods like beef jerky, candy, chips, popcorn, caramel and gum before I got them.
And with Coved-19 going around we did not have time to get any soft fruits or veggies. When my mom got to the store the shelves were bare.

I really like you guys and I really mean it I’m so glad I came here instead going somewhere else thanks for being patient with us when have I long way to go to get there thank you for all u have done for me and my sister. Sincerely M.Thomas